Al's Breakfast safe from divisive Dinkytown development

RICK NELSON | Updated 6/26/2013

Controversial development plan would spare the breakfast institution, said landlord Paul Dzubnar.

Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown.
Photo by Tom Wallace

Plans for a major Dinkytown development have some people shouting “Save Al’s Breakfast.” But here’s the thing: The 14-stool a.m. treasure (413 14th Av. SE., Mpls.) isn’t going anywhere. “I told those guys that they can be there for as long as they want to be there,” said landlord Paul Dzubnar. “They are unbelievable tenants. Al’s is an institution, and I feel so blessed to have them there. I have no plans to move them, ever.”

While the controversial Opus Development Co. project is coming close to Al’s, it’s not replacing it. Ditto neighboring Kafe 421 and Wally’s Falafel & Hummus. Still, the Opus proposal will require the demolition of Duffy’s Dinkytown Pizza.

The biggest change will be the demolition of the one-story brick building that houses the House of Hanson convenience store, the Podium guitar and sheet-music retailer and the Book House bookstore. All three Dinkytown landmarks are just a few doors down 14th Avenue from Al’s, a proximity that might be causing confusion among the don’t-mess-with-our-blueberry/walnut-pancakes crowd.