Ultimate weekend in Minneapolis, according to Wall Street Journal

JAY BOLLER | Updated 7/29/2013

The Journal plans a better Twin Cities trip than this month's widely ridiculed attempt by Reuters.

Photo by Tom Wallace

A few weeks back the Internet peanut gallery savaged a Reuters reporter when he attempted to plan a weekend trip to the Twin Cities. The "48 hours in Minneapolis-St. Paul" travel postcard sang the praises of our Potbellys, tornado shelters and "tram" system. For reporter Mark Meadows, the story just won't go away.

Last Friday the Wall Street Journal attempted a similar travel itinerary, with much more agreeable results. Peppering his intro with boilerplate Minnesota cliches (Prince, lutefisk, "you betcha"), writer Matthew Kronsberg goes on to lay out a foodie/yupster-approved long weekend in Minneapolis. Among his recommendations: Burch Steakhouse and Pizza Bar, Glam Doll Donuts, the American Swedish Institute, the Walker, Matt's Bar, Hunt & Gather and other places that won't draw the ire of T.C. culture snobs.

Will the Journal's piece end the long state nightmare that was Reuters-Gate? Possibly. The mix of upper-crust (Bachelor Farmer), divey (Palmer's) and egalitarian (Lake Harriet) destinations should sit well with most. Neglecting non-sexy standbys such as Target Field and MOA - the backbone of Meadow's article - are potential omissions. This much is certain: The "Ultimate Weekend in Minneapolis" will give Minnesotans another venue to gab about being Minnesotans, something we clearly can't get enough of.