Josh Hartnett lands role in new Showtime series

NEAL JUSTIN | Updated 7/30/2013

The Minnesota actor turns to the horror genre in highly anticipated cable series.

LOS ANGELES -- Minnesota native Josh Hartnett is the latest actor to see that the best place to play dark, complicated characters is cable television.

He'll play Ethan Chandler, a "fake cowboy" in Victorian London, in "Penny Dreadful." The project was created by John Logan, who received Oscar nominations for his screenplays for "The Aviator," "Hugo" and "Gladiator." Logan wrote all eight episodes of "Penny Dreadful," which is being billed as a horror series featuring unorthodox monsters. Sam Mendes ("American Beauty," "Revolutionary Road") is one of the producers, and Juan Antonio Bayona ("The Impossible") will direct at least two episodes.

Hartnett, whose film career is in a bit of a rut, will be working onscreen with Eva Green.

The production starts this fall with the launch coming next year.