How they rocked their block

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 7/31/2013

Sunday's Chiang Banger at Calhoun Square signaled the beginning of the end of block party season.


Sophia Eris

25, MC

What are you wearing? Scarf from Heartbreaker; top, glasses, and bag from Ragstock; tights and boots from Buffallo Exchange.

Describe your style: Fly.

What says 'summer' to you? Will Smith.

Your favorite item of clothing?

My leopard scarf.

Juleana Enright
28, culture editor at l'étoile magazine, bartender at Ward 6

What are you wearing? Sparkle & Fade blouse, H&M shorts, used Levi's cutoff jean jacket, vintage and Cliché purchased jewelry, thrifted leather boots

Describe your style:
Bohemian goth ... like the love child of Stevie Nicks and Siouxsie Sioux.

What says 'summer' to you?
Lillet blanc-based cocktails and crop tops.

First fashion sign that fall is around the corner? Hideous cargo shorts and flip-flops disappear and my eyes can breathe again.

Michelle Lutz

24, entertainment team lead at Mall of America

What are you wearing? SexyQuality sunglasses, Daft Punk shirt from Hot Topic, leggings from Kohl’s, Betty Blue skirt, Deb shoes, Ragstock earrings, Target watch.

Describe your style: For this outfit, space age raver cartoon character meets hip-hop head.

What says 'summer' to you? Skin. Lots of skin.

First fashion sign that fall is around the corner? Sweaters—put 'em away!

Erin Sullivan
27, writer, dog wrangler

What are you wearing?
Thrift skirt, shoes, sweater. Uberprints custom tank.

Describe your style:
Recycled, drunk grandma.

What says 'summer' to you?
Deep V's, high T's

First fashion sign that fall is around the corner?