Hear Low cover Rihanna's 'Stay' for charity


The Duluth trio played the tune at the Pitchfork Music Fest in July, and then went home and recorded it.

Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker were very un-Rihanna-like at Rock the Garden in June.

As much of a head-turner as their “Drone Not Drones” set for Rock the Garden in June, Low more pleasantly surprised hipster fans at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival in July by playing a cover of the recent Rihanna hit “Stay.” Reaction was strong enough that the Duluth genre-benders went ahead and recorded the cover at Sacred Heart Studio/Church back home and released it today via Sub Pop Records as a charity single. Sales of the track via iTunes go to Chicago’s music-ed nonprofit Rock for Kids.

Around the time of the Pitchfork Fest, Low frontman Alan Sparhawk mentioned via Twitter how much his wife/bandmate Mimi Parker liked Rihanna’s ballad. It’s pretty obvious from her vocal performance on the re-recording that he wasn’t kidding. Sparhawk himself hits some pretty impressive high notes in it, too. I think we can officially call this the anti-drone Low.

Headed back to Chicago for next weekend’s Goose Island Festival -- the trio also recorded its latest album “The Invisible Way” in Chitown with producer Jeff Tweedy – Low then heads to Europe in November for a month of gigs everywhere from Cartagena to Schorndorf and Nijmegen. Here’s hoping the band takes a good GPS with them.

[Photo: Anna Reed]