Watch Maria Bamford and Judd Apatow yak about the '90s

JAY BOLLER | Updated 10/3/2013

Duluth-reared comic and powerhouse director commemorated the 100th anniversary of Vanity Fair by riffing on the '90s.

Vanity Fair is turning 100, and to celebrate they've enlisted big names (Brett Ratner, Don Cheadle, etc.) to talk about the decades in which VF exisited. Duluth-raised comedian Maria Bamford and director Judd Apatow handle the '90s. That particular 10-year stretch is enduring an Internet nostalgia overload (thanks, BuzzFeed), but the Bamford-Apatow treatment is predictably hilarious.

In a video for VF, the pair sifts through '90s-spanning covers, riffing on everything from Dolly Parton's Desert Storm issue ("We always send breasts to war zones") to Tanya Harding ("Remember when that girl hit that other girl in the knee because she wanted to win the Olympics?") to the Spice Girls, the Unabomber and other decadal hallmarks. There's even a lightning trivia round! But don't take our word for it:

It's been a strong 2013 for Bamford, who released a new special (her mom/dad-exclusive "Special Special Special," enjoyed a plum TV role (the new "Arrested Development") and dropped a terrific new comedy album ("Ask Me About My New God"). The former Minnesotan will be performing standup at Acme Comedy Co. from Nov. 19-23.