New York Times runs contentious report on Minneapolis' dating scene

JAY BOLLER | Updated 10/7/2013

Piece was part of NYT's “Tribes of Saturday Night" series, which examines "mating rituals around the country."

Visiting Clubhouse Jäger is one of several Minneapolis mating rituals.
Photo by Bre Mcgee

The New York Times sent a reporter to sleuth out the "mating rituals" of young Minnesotans, resulting in an article that caused Facebook feeds to explode this weekend across the metro. Many readers derided the article as misguided, and took issue with the light in which it cast Twin Citians (namely, small town hipster-y and slutty, according to the many lengthy threads I observed).

Among writer Matt Haber's findings in "The Dating Scene? Hip, With a Bit of ‘Minnesota Nice’":

- Mortimer’s is the epicenter of the Twin Cities dating scene. OK, maybe that wasn't his intent, but the not-so-hot spot serves as the scene-setting opening venue, replete with "Big Buck Hunter games and a jukebox."

- Monogamy is dead. Sources point out that "nobody’s exclusive" in Minneapolis. Also: "One thing I’d say about Minneapolis is that if you’ve slept with one girl, you know 10 guys she’s slept with, and half of them are your friends, and vice versa for women with guys — that’s just the way it is.”

- We're all hipsters. You'd like to think tired hipster descriptors like the following are frozen in 2007, but here we are. Here's us, according to Haber: "While their counterparts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles are defined (and derided) for their blasé pose, their Twin Cities brothers and sisters, while blessed with the same clunky glasses, working-class-chic attire and fixed-gear bikes, retain the openness and generosity of the region." He forgot PBRskinnyjeansindierock!  

- Uptown is gentrified. Speaking of tired arguments ...

- Our Sundays begin with Xbox and Jameson.

- Replacements. Juicy Lucy. Prince. Weather humor. Because, um, Minneapolis.

Did Haber capture your dating life? Is he telling the hard truths we're not ready to hear, or is he a hackish out-of-towner who missed the point? Are you mad? Confused? Hurt? Vindicated? Or maybe you just feel like some Big Buck Hunter ...