Listen to Lorde cover the Replacements

JAY BOLLER | Updated 10/9/2013

The rising pop star, 16, took on "Swingin' Party" back in June. Hey, it's new to us.

You can call her Queen Bee, sure. But you can also call 16-year-old “Royals” hitmaker Lorde a fan of the Replacements. Back in June, real-life New Zealander Ella Yelich-O'Connor – who’s currently dominating Billboard’s charts with her baller-shunning single – covered “Swingin’ Party,” the classic Replacements track. Lorde gives the cryptically funny “Tim”-era cut a soulful and sparse treatment, ruddered by a steady beat and washed over with chilly organ notes. Lorde was -11 when the song was released. Here's the cover (head to the comment section for a raging debate on whether she's ripping off Lana Del Rey):

Describing Lorde’s just-dropped debut as a post-Internet album, Pitchfork’s favorable review of “Pure Heroine” addresses the uniquely generational nature of the young singer’s cover choices: “In her live show Lorde has been covering both Kanye West and the Replacements, and her music is being marketed to a generation of people who in no way find that weird.” It's also a generation of knee-jerk thinkpieces, hence the recent racism charges directed at Yelich-O'Connor. So yeah, it’s a millennial party - bring your own lampshade.