Study: Minnesota is agreeable, closed off

JAY BOLLER | Updated 10/24/2013

Researchers at the University of Cambridge conducted a state-by-state mapping of the American mood.

Is Joe Mauer feeling agreeable and closed off here? Odds are: Yes.
Jerry Holt

Feeling agreeable and passive-aggressive today? There's science to back that up.

Researchers behind a new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology spent 13 years asking 1.6 million Americans from the lower 48 and District of Columbia how they feel - really feel. The data - which are based on Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism - paint Minnesotans as, well, pretty stereotypically Minnesotan. Here's where we rank:

Openness: 44th.

Conscientiousness: 21st.

Extroversion: 21st.

Agreeableness: 6th.

Neuroticism: 37th.

Among the other findings: Wisconsin is tops in extroversion [insert drunk Packers fan joke]; Vermont ranks last. Utah proved most agreeable, stealing that prize from Minnesota (which we're totally OK with); D.C. is least agreeable, to the surprise of no one. West Virginia (?!) is most neurotic; Utah took home the anti-Woody Allen honors. Openness inexplicably went to D.C.; North Dakota, our stoic neighbors to the West, are most closed off. South Carolina is your most conscientious state; while Maine doesn't really care how you feel.

Click here for a neat interactive map, courtesy of Time.