Kanye West's 'Yeezus' tour merch debuts at PacSun

JAHNA PELOQUIN | Updated 10/28/2013

The rapper's controversial "Yeezus" merchandise went on sale Friday at Pacific Sunwear at the Mall of America.


Before he comes to town on Nov. 5, you have the chance to snag Kanye West's controversial "Yeezus" tour merchandise now. The line, which includes T-shirts for men and women, is available for sale beginning last Friday at all Pacific Sunwear stores, including its Mall of America location, and online.

Designed by West with original artwork by Wes Lang, the shirts feature the Grim Reaper coming out of a skull with a sickle, a cloaked skeleton figure holding a bouquet of roses and a skeleton praying on bended knees (all of which are available on the website), all retailing for $40. It appears that the store is carrying a relatively less controversial version of the merch -- the tour version of the praying skeleton is captioned "Jesus Wants You," while the PacSun version just says "The Yeezus Tour." The more titillating designs featuring confederate flags and skeletons donning Native American headdresses are nowhere to be found.

PacSun announced the deal last Thursday via Twitter, by saying, "I just talked to Jesus he said, "What up Yeezus?," a line from West's "I Am a God."