Heritage style can't stop, won't stop

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 11/14/2013

The lumberjack boots and button-up sweaters were out in full force at Northern Grade last Sunday at the Grain Belt Bottling House in northeast Minneapolis.


Peter Sieve
34, guitarist for Rogue Valley, counterman at Common Roots, food writer, nonprofit consultant

What are you wearing? Pendleton sweater bought in Portland, Ore. Scarf from Target, corduroys from American Apparel, Frye boots.

Best gift idea you saw at the sale? Radical knit scarves from Kevin Kramp.

Your favorite stylish movie? "The Life Aquatic."

The best Thanksgiving food: The gravy. It brings everything together.



Conor O’Brien
26, founder of Yoga Crow Men's Yoga Apparel

What are you wearing? Levi’s sportswear sweater, Yaly Couture jacket, Left Field Pants from BlackBlue, vintage Red Wing Irish Setter Boots.

Best gift idea you saw at the sale? Sasquatch Soap bars. Masculine fragrance and at only 5 bucks, they're great stocking stuffers.

Your favorite stylish movie? "The Cell"

The best Thanksgiving food: Leftovers. Specifically, turkey sandwiches. 



Andrea "Andy" Adams
27, alternative high school english teacher

What are you wearing? Ann Taylor shirt, skirt and bowtie from Lula Vintage, tights from Target, shoes from DSW, Buffalo Exchange cardigan.

Best gift idea you saw at the sale? For me? The Fairmount Satchel in Heritage Leather from J.W. Hulme C.

Your favorite stylish movie? "Now and Then" was a huge influence in my feminine plus masculine inspiration.

The best Thanksgiving food: Sweet potatoes — they fit my macros.



Daniel Kelleghan
26, photographer

What are you wearing? Levis 513 jeans, H&M shirt, Banana Republic jacket, Forever 21 boots.

Best gift ideas you saw at the sale? I loved the Woodchuck phone covers and also the Stock Mfg. Co. ties.

Your favorite stylish movie? "Drive."

The best Thanksgiving food: Dark turkey meet. All day every day.