Varsity Theater wins America's Best Restrooms Contest

JAY BOLLER | Updated 11/19/2013

Top toilets in the country? Head to Dinkytown.

Check out that sweet Varsity bathroom.

Bathrooms. For some, they're merely places to answer the call of the wild. For others, they can be transcendent spaces, ones that enliven the senses and force us to reevaluate the very essence of what it is to be human. You can still relieve yourself in those ones.

Today the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis won Cintas’ America’s Best Restroom Contest, placing it in the immortal pantheon of top tinkle destinations that includes Jungle Jim's International Market in Ohio and Buc-ee’s in Texas. It bested nine other finalists on the merits of its cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality and unique design elements.

The award, of course, begs one question: What the hell is Cintas? Turns out it's a business-services corporation headquartered in Ohio. The company specializes in manufacturing work uniforms (sometimes drawing scrutiny from congress and labor unions in the process). And, for some reason, it stages an annual online vote to determine the country's top restrooms.

The Varsity also appeared in our 2013 List of Lists issue, where readers ranked its bathrooms the best in town. Here's what writer Sarah Harper had to say:

Bathrooms are a gamble. Bathrooms in college neighborhoods? Don’t even get us started. Somehow, Dinkytown was blessed by the toilet gods with three bathrooms on the same block that break the mold, and by toilet gods we mean the geniuses behind the plumbing at the Kitty Cat Klub (315 14th Av. SE., Mpls.), the Varsity Theater (1308 SE. 4th St., Mpls.) and the Loring Pasta Bar (327 14th Av. SE., Mpls.). Shouldered on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota campus and sharing close quarters with some of the grossest pit stops in the world, the winning triumvirate boasts equally ornate, unconventional and luxe restrooms. They’re the best places to take it easy in the Big Dink.

Last year drunk Kreayshawn fans had no idea they were part of something so special.