2014 new Twin Cities restaurant openings

RICK NELSON | Updated 1/6/2014

New plans for the former Old Chicago in Uptown, Red Cow in St. Paul, Betty Danger comes to Northeast and more!

A rendering of Betty Danger’s Country Club.
Provided by Smart Associates

The dining forecast for 2014? Busy.

Russell and Desta Klein are taking on a major project in the revitalized Soo Line Building in downtown Minneapolis, but they’re not replicating their four-star Meritage. Instead, they’ll be conjuring up the schnitzel and foie gras flavors of Austria and Hungary with Brasserie Zentral. The project, slated to open in the spring, will also include a cheese lover’s wine bar they’re calling Foreign Legion, along with a retail wine-and-spirits shop and Cafe Zentral, a casual skyway-level breakfast-lunch spot.

Kaskaid Hospitality — the juggernaut behind Crave — is converting a former Old Chicago in Uptown into Boneyard. The Southern comfort food-centric restaurant and bar is aiming at a March-April opening.

The team behind the Strip Club is looking at Lowertown for its next venture, which it’s calling the Saint Dinette.

Still in its freshman year, Luke Shimp’s hamburger-centric Red Cow has proved such a hit that he’s opening a second, at Selby and Western in St. Paul’s Cathedral Hill. And the former Serlin’s Cafe will become Cook St. Paul.

Come spring, look for a new landmark lighting up northeast Minneapolis: the 60-foot Ferris wheel at Betty Danger’s Country Club, the work of Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge owner Leslie Bock.

At Riverplace, the folks at Wilde Roast Cafe are taking over the former Kikugawa and opening Mattie’s on Main, a modern-day saloon.

After conquering the world of fro-yo, the ownership behind the fast-growing Yogurt Lab is getting into the quick-service salad and juice-bar business with Agra Culture Kitchen & Press. That same Uptown building will also be the home of Coup d’Etat, brought to you by the team behind Borough and Parlour.