Summit Brewing Co. unveils new look for its beer

MIKE HUGHLETT | Updated 1/8/2014

New labels, created with help from Duffy & Partners, tell “visual stories” on beer bottles.

Courtesy Summit Brewing Co.

Summit beer will have a new look this year, its packaging art freshened with visuals depicting Minnesota landmarks and the craft brew’s ingredients.

St. Paul-based Summit, Minnesota’s largest and oldest dedicated craft brewer, announced Wednesday that the new packaging art will be phased in gradually over 2014.

Summit partnered with Minneapolis-based Duffy & Partners, a corporate design shop, to develop “visual stories” to grace bottles of beer. For instance, Summit Red IPA’s label includes a canoe plying a serene lake with a hop bud as the sun — IPAs are high-hopped beers.

“The new packaging art commemorates a busy time for us,” Mark Stutrud, Summit’s president and founder said in a news release. “Just within the last year, we’ve released several new beers, doubled our capacity with a cellar expansion, and bought a new space for warehousing, offices and, eventually, a canning line.”

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