Low aims to play entire catalog over seven Fitger's gigs in Duluth


Alan Sparhawk announced the plans via Twitter, which will start this week and cover 10 albums.

Low might have to return to the Electric Fetus bins to re-learn all the songs in its 10-album catalog for the upcoming Fitger's Brewhouse gigs.

With the wicked ice pile-up on Lake Superior about the only exciting thing happening in Duluth in this dead time of winter, the town’s most famous rock band has set out to liven things up.

Low frontman Alan Sparhawk just announced via Twitter that the band will “attempt” to play its entire 10-album catalog in random order over the next seven Thursday nights at Fitger’s Brewhouse, starting this week and continuing through Feb. 27. The trio’s manager confirmed that’s really the plan. Sparhawk was already down on the Fitger’s calendar to play those nights under his own name.

Here’s the tweet:

Low seems to be taking a cue from their pals in Wilco on this one (and more power to 'em if so). Wilco famously played every song in its discography over a five-night stand at the Riviera Theatre in 2007. That was when Wilco only had six albums to its name, though. Low has 10 records in its canon, and there’s a lot in there that the band hasn’t performed in years – or even in the new millennium. As anyone who attended Rock the Garden last summer knows, though, Sparhawk & Co. are at least current on one oldie, “Do You Know How to Waltz?”

Fitger’s Brewhouse, if you don’t know, is a brewpub inside the old Fitger’s Brewery complex next to Fitger’s Hotel on the northern edge of downtown Duluth at 600 N. Superior St. It’s the main hang for local musicians (Charlie Parr plays there every Wednesday when he’s not out of town), and one of its flagship beers, the Starfire Pale Ale, is named after Sparhawk and Mimi Parker’s friend and former manny Scott Lunt, whose pirate-radio adventures also inspired Low s song “Starfire” – another one that will be dusted off for the shows. Ticket info is not yet available.

[Photo: Tom Wallace]