Body-rocking style at the Dakota

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 1/23/2014

Up Rock, Shiro Dame and the stylish crowd warmed up a cold night at the Dakota Jazz Club.


Maconnie Dukuly
27, stylist, model

What are you wearing? Dimepiece L.A. shirt and harem pants from Urban Outfitters.

Describe your style: Urban, bohemian, Afrocentric, basically anything that reflects the way I feel. I love fashion and anything to do with it.

Your favorite hangout in the city? Honey! Hands down. Love the DJ's that play there.

Your favorite fashion magazines? I'd have to say my favorite has to be Vogue. I can't afford all that, but a girl can dream.



Alicia Steele
30, sex educator

What are you wearing? Maxi dress from Opitz, draped geometric chain and bangles from B.Resale, Nefertiti bangle from the streets of Philly.

Describe your style: '90s glam.

Genre of music with the best style? Contemporary alternative R&B, specifically been following some South African artists with mad flair. Taking notes.

Your favorite hangout in the city? Drinking cognac and singing lazily with the piano-man at Nye's.



Shelly Ebnet
27, freelance graphic designer

What are you wearing? Cardigan from Opitz Outlet layered over a Forever 21 collared shirt, Saks 5th Ave pants, Target booties, Bebe bag.

Describe your style: Uncomplicated.

Genre of music with the best style? M.I.A. She is her own genre, right?

Your favorite fashion magazines? I'm not really into fashion magazines, but when I need a little inspiration I check out



Dean Brewington
39, stylist, artist

What are you wearing? Italian wool hat from thrift store, cognac fade glasses by Savon eyewear, coat and button down from H&M, Levis 510’s, and shoes by Clay. 

Describe your style: I would describe my style as minimalist but forward fashion with attention to detail.

Your favorite hangout in the city? I'm more of homebody, but anywhere low-key.

Your favorite fashion magazines? V, W and most European Vogue's.