Bob Dylan to soundtrack Super Bowl ad about a bear trying to buy yogurt

JON BREAM | Updated 1/29/2014

His music will be used in ads for Chobani and Chrysler.

Eric Decker and Prince won’t be the only Minnesota natives involved with the Super Bowl on Sunday. Bob Dylan’s music will be featured in two commercials.

His 1966 hit, “I Want You,” will be heard in an ad for Chobani yogurt about a bear going into a convenience store.

Dylan himself is expected to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler; no bears will be riding shotgun. No word yet which of his songs will be in the spot. In the recent past, Chrysler has tapped Eminem, Berry Gordy and Clint Eastwood to star in its commercials.

Dylan’s past involvement in commercials has been unpredictable. There was the infamous Victoria’s Secret spot in 2004 (see below), and he appeared in a 2006 Apple ad and a 2007 commercial for Cadillac. He allowed his song “Forever Young” in a mashup for a 2009 Pepsi spot.

Your Super Bowl scorecard shows that Decker, the Cold Spring, Minn., native, will be playing for the Denver Broncos, and Minneapolis native Prince will be a guest star (as himself) on Fox’s  “New Girl,” Zooey Deschanel’s series that will be broadcast after the Super Bowl.