Bill Nye, Science Guy, coming to Mall of America rotunda

ROB CALLAHAN | Updated 2/14/2014

Mall of America to host science's most prominent rockstar on Feb. 23

Bill Nye, shown here at the UP Experience in 2010, lives life at the intersection of "Science rules," and "Bowties are cool."

Fresh off of a high-profile debate with creationist Ken Ham, Bill Nye is heading back on the road, specifically to Bloomington, and continuing his mission to make science cool again. Fans who grew up watching Nye on PBS (or on their nostalgic parents' DVD's) will have a chance to see his trademark energy and enthusiasm in person during the two hour presentation aimed at explaining the processes of chemistry and physics in action.

The Mall of America stop, dubbed "Get Schooled with Bill Nye the Science Guy", promises an afternoon of hands-on science demos and experiments tuned to appeal to young audiences, and is co-sponsored by and the University of Minnesota's Physics Force.

(Get Schooled with Bill Nye the Science Guy runs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 23. Admission is free. Mall of America Rotunda, 60 E Broadway, Bloomington.

[Photo: Ed Schipul]