Jon Hamm charms at Al Franken fundraiser

KRISTIN TILLOTSON | Updated 2/24/2014

The "Mad Men" star was the main attraction at an event for Minnesota's junior senator.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, right gets a laugh out of Hamm, left, and her fellow senator and other guest of honor, Al Franken, center, at the fundraiser.

Last Friday's snowstorm couldn't keep Jon Hamm from charming the Ugg boots off everyone he met at Sam and Sylvia Kaplan's spacious riverfront condo. The occasion, dubbed "FrankenHamm,"  was a fundraiser for Sen. Al Franken's re-election campaign.

Was Hamm, who effortlessly melts hearts even when playing tortured cad Don Draper on "Mad Men," as amiable and preternaturally handsome in real life as you might expect? Yep. By all accounts he patiently posed for photos with attendees who donated between $1,000 and $5,200 (more modest amounts still got you into the reception), and never stopped smiling even when cell phones had been pushed into that famously appealing mug for two hours.

Jon Hamm smiles at hosts Sam and Sylvia Kaplan

"He's just terrific," said Sam Kaplan, one of the state's top DFL fundraisers and former ambassador to Morocco during President Obama's first term. "He really won our hearts when he sat on the steps to play with our dog Sonny Boy. When he finally stopped petting him, Sonny Boy lifted a paw to indicate he should continue. And he did."

Hamm, who volunteered his time, even stayed for dinner with his hosts. But affable as he was, no one could loosen his lips about the seventh and last season of "Mad Men" beginning in April. Kaplan, a self-described "addict" of the show, tried to wheedle a few hints. How many did he get? "Zero."

[Photo: Susan Lenfestey]