Watch Minneapolis evolve with Google Street View

ERIC ROPER | Updated 4/28/2014

New time lapse functionality shows Minneapolis' changing landscape since 2007.

Just how much has Minneapolis changed since 2007? A new time lapse functionality of Google Street View allows us to see sites morph across town morph. Here is a selection:

Construction began on Target Field in 2007. It opened in 2010.

The Uptown area has radically changed. Below, the area surrounding the Uptown Bar on Hennepin Avenue became home to Apple, Columbia and North Face.

New apartments have also risen in Uptown, like Blue on Lake Street and Aldrich Avenue.

The 35W Bridge collapsed in late 2007 and was reconstructed just a year later in 2008.

Below is 37th Avenue North and Lyndale Avenue, looking west, in 2009 and 2011.

The Lowry Bridge in North Minneapolis was also reconstructed. Construction began in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

The University area has also changed substantially. Take these new apartments, which have risen on University Avenue and 10th Avenue South.

And the construction of TCF Bank Stadium in 2009.

In South Minneapolis, the Mother Baby Center opened in 2013 on 26th Street and Chicago Avenue.

And on Hiawatha Avenue, new apartments have replaced an industrial property on 38th Street next to the light rail station.

Washington Avenue downtown has also seen a revival. Below, Mill District Apartments rose on Portland Avenue and Washington around 2010.

Further down Washington, Aloft hotel opened in 2008 at the intersection of 9th Avenue South.

This is a limited selection of sites. Have some other suggestions? Leave them in the comments and we will try to make them into before-after images.