Fashion at Art-A-Whirl: Arty, gifted & thrifted

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 5/22/2014

Creative folks forged their own styles at the annual Northeast arts-travaganza.


Angela Kuyper
30, artist, administrative assistant

What are you wearing? Jumpsuit from Unique thrift store, boots and hat from Arc's Value Village, For Love 21 belt, Coach bag from Goodwill.

Describe your style: An American trying to assimilate European street style.

Favorite Northeast spot?  Ginger Hop. Their vegan sloppy joe, the Steven Segal, is unreal.

What is Northeast style?  I'm old and from East Side St. Paul. Perhaps I'm not qualified to answer this.



Jenessa LaSota
22, hairstylist

What are you wearing? "Little Mermaid" T-shirt was a gift, high-waist Levi's shorts, thigh-high tights from Target, platform H&M high tops.

Describe your style: Thrifty, cute and comfortable with a lot of black.

Favorite Northeast spot? The Rabbithole.

What is Northeast style? Whatever is on the couch from the night before.



Erin Smith
33, designer

What are you wearing? Oversized thrifted and gifted shirt from a friend, necklace of own design. Pants from Everyday People, Number 6 clogs from Sven.

Describe your style: An ocular migraine.

What summer wardrobe updates do you plan on making? Tons of patterns, everywhere.

What is Northeast style? Sometimes bad, sometimes good?



Coyla Horon
20, student

What are you wearing? Shirt from Up 6 on Snelling in Saint Paul, skirt from Everyday People, Birkenstock sandals.

Describe your style: Whatever the opposite of edgy is.

What summer wardrobe updates do you plan on making? Longer skirts and more neutrals.

Favorite Northeast spot? Matchbox coffee shop.