No fuss fashion

ELLEN DAHL LAWSON | Updated 6/19/2014

Classic and casual is the rule for a rainy week.


Stefanie Pinkney
23, proofreader/ copyeditor

What are you wearing? Ark & Co. jacket, Gitman Bros. Vintage "Sisters" oxford, Gap jeans, Chinese Laundry wedges.

Describe your style: Basic shades and shapes.

Favorite Northern Spark artist/show? Revolver's Write Fight.

What's your go-to outfit? T-shirt, jeans, cardigan.

How can you spot good style? Confidence and happiness! If someone clearly loves his or her outfit, I think it's pretty fabulous too.



Eartha Bell
28, grad student

What are you wearing? Tank top by Vince, button-up from Madewell, leaf necklace from Bluebird Boutique, JBrand jeans, shoes are hand-me-downs from my sis.

Describe your style: Somewhere between Sporty and Posh Spice.

Favorite Northern Spark artist/show? Andy Ducett's Resident Artist Project at the Bell Museum.

What's your go-to outfit? High-waist mom jeans, tank top and pony tail.



Cally Knowlton
26, registered nurse at Abbott Northwestern

What are you wearing? Madewell skirt and blouse, vintage coach purse from a garage sale, Pull & Bear necklace from Budapest, leather oxfords from the Portobello Market in London.

Describe your style: Relaxed chic with speckles of cognac leather.

What's your go-to outfit? Aside from hospital scrubs and Danskos I am a lover of denim and classic stripes.

How can you spot good style? Confidence is golden, and good style is not over-the-top.


Nora Martin

18, barista at Jerabek's New Bohemian

What were you wearing? Wire-wrapped crystal necklace made by myself, American Apparel body suit, thrifted cashmere sweater, thrifted pleather jacket, high-waist BDG jeans, cut-out heeled boots from H&M.

Describe your style:
 I tend to wear a lot of neutral colors: tans, light pinks, creams. I like to keep my outfits simple and add a lot of accessories to accentuate them. I typically try to go for a natural look and stick with what's comfortable.

Favorite Northern Spark artist/show? GRRRL PRTY!

What's your go-to outfit? A simple neutral colored crop top, a light lace or crocheted cover up, high-waist jeans, some type of brown or tan leather shoes. Probably a nice necklace and a few rings also.