Celebrate Pudge the Cat's 4th birthday at Glam Doll

SALLY HEDBERG | Updated 7/3/2014

The Internet-famous kitty's doughnut-filled birthday party goes down Saturday.

Pudge is ready to party.

This Friday - a koozie-ed Budweiser in its personified hand - America will celebrate the Fourth of July for the 238th time. Processed meats and Cool Whip-based salads will abound. Organized explosions will scare small children in parks. The passing of time will inevitably endure.

But on Saturday - in a celebration of truly immeasurable historical greatness - the whole world will honor the 4th (birthday) of Pudge (the cat)! Pudge, of course, is Minneapolis’ resident meow-stachioed superstar of viral web fame (read: the most heart-meltingly sweet Internet Cat in existence). Here she is attacking a blanket:

Pudge’s birthday gala will be held at a place that’s nearly as fabulous as she: Glam Doll Donuts. From 2-3 p.m. on Saturday, come binge on donuts and Intelligentsia Coffee, meet Pudge and shop all of her adorable merch. A portion of every in-person and online sale in the month of July will be donated to the Minnesota Animal Humane Society, so if you were on the fence before now is definitely the time to pull the trigger on those Pudge nail decals. Happy birthday Pudge!