Jesse Ventura launches new podcast

NEAL JUSTIN | Updated 8/4/2014

"We the People with Jesse Ventura" debuted last week with guest Adam Carolla.

After winning a long court battle Tuesday, Jesse Ventura said he would have moved to Mexico if he had lost in the trial.
Tom Wallace

Jesse Ventura just can't keep himself out of the news. Just two days after posting a victory in a controversial lawsuit, the former governor launched "We the People with Jesse Ventura," a weekly podcast that will be available every Thursday on iTunes and Carolla Digital.

That second platform is no lightweight. Adam Carolla hosts the No. 1 daily downloaded podcast in the world. Other notables that have shows on his network: Dr. Drew Pinsky, Penn Jillette and comedian Larry Miller.

During the premiere episode last week, Ventura interviewed Carolla and discussed the Pope and the birther issue.

Yes, you read that right. He still has questions about the birther issue.

"My fans have requested a podcast for some time now," said Ventura, who once hosted a radio show on KFAN. "I find it to be a new, interesting and innovative way to communicate with them."