Minnesota actor lands big role on 'Modern Family'

NEAL JUSTIN | Updated 8/26/2014

Steve Zahn will have a recurring role on one of TV's biggest hits.

Here's Steve Zahn in 2009's "Happy, Texas."
Miramax Films

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Earlier this year, Minnesota native Steve Zahn had a major bomb on his hands in the guise of ABC's "Mind Games," his first network series that was quickly canceled.

But the network hasn't given up on him.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Zahn will have a recurring guest-star role on "Modern Family," playing the husband of an annoying family that moves in next door to the Dunphys.

It's unclear just how many episodes will feature Zahn, who still spends a considerable amount of time in Minnesota.

"Modern Family" returns Sept. 24.