Bobby Fischer Against the World


When: Ended 05/1/11

Where: St. Anthony Main Theater

A child prodigy, Fischer was thrust into the spotlight at age 29 when he beat reigning Soviet champ Boris Spassky at the World Championships in 1972 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The height of the Cold War, and with Nixon’s resignation imminent, 1972 saw America’s confidence at an all-time low. Bobby Fischer represented his nation’s international prestige in his match against the Russian. Unprepared for the media storm that came with his victory, Fischer slowly spiraled into a form of madness. Withdrawing from the world for decades, he resurfaced for an anticlimactic rematch with Spassky, a clear violation of a UN embargo. Now a fugitive, the brash and difficult Fischer retreated to Iceland and disappeared again from public view, only to die in 2008.


St. Anthony Main Theater
115 SE. Main St.
Minneapolis, MN

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