David Wants to Fly


When: Ended 05/2/11

Where: St. Anthony Main Theater

Like The Beatles and David Lynch before him, young German filmmaker David Sieveking sets off on a journey of enlightenment to better understand the teachings of Transcendental Meditation (TM), a controversial spiritual movement that's been criticized by some for using financially manipulative practices. Travelling from Fairfield, Iowa (a founder Maharishi center), to India to Berlin, this artistic pilgrimage showcases Sieveking's charm in this tale on the fallibility of his idols, among them cult filmmaker and TM devotee David Lynch. Scenic backdrops and a playful musical score add to the depth of Sieveking’s whimsical and provocative documentary.

David Lynch is a cult filmmaker, yes — but to what extent? In this entertaining documentary, geeky film-school grad and die-hard Lynch devotee David Sieveking trails his wiggy-haired idol through the inland empire of transcendental meditation a practice Lynch claims can help deflate the “suffocating rubber clown suit of negativity” we’re all wearing. Sieveking dutifully drinks the Kool-Aid, but, as in “Blue Velvet,” there’s something festering under the surface of nirvana. Complete with mood-alteringly Lynchian soundtrack, the documentary strikes a delicate balance between reverence and mounting skepticism as Sieveking follows the money sprinkled along TM’s path to enlightenment. (Germany/Austria/France, 96 min.)Rob Nelson. 3 out of 4 stars


St. Anthony Main Theater
115 SE. Main St.
Minneapolis, MN

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