The Belfast Cowboys

Price: $12

When: Ended 01/4/13

Where: Cabooze

While The Band only had one "Last Waltz" concert (and corresponding film), The Cabooze is staging its 7th annual "Big Pink -- Tribute to The Last Waltz" show, and it's a two-night stand! The cadre of TC all-stars in the band includes: Dan Israel as Bob Dylan; Terry Walsh, slipping into familiar Irish soul shoes as Van Morrison; Big George Jackson, nicely cast as Muddy Waters; Pat "Lamont" Hayes, blowing harp a la Paul Butterfield; former Magnolias and Stingray Green guitarist, Kent Militzer, as Neil Young; and Ashleigh Still, channeling Joni Mitchell. And in a big role for a big talent, Dave Russ is your plus-size Levon Helm, one of roots-rock's most endearing artists, whom we lost in 2012. Tom Surowicz


917 Cedar Av. S.
Minneapolis, MN

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