Tegan and Sara - SOLD OUT

Price: $35

When: Ended 03/6/13

Where: First Avenue Mainroom

Tegan and Sara have sold out and gone pop, some fans are contending as the cult-adored twin sisters/bandmates return for the first show behind their month-old album “Heartthrob.” It’s true, this one’s a lot slicker and more accessible than past albums, with truly throbbing dance beats and bubblegummy choruses that suit the Bieber-like, teen-centric title. The Quin siblings’ sophisticated harmonies and jagged songwriting style are still front and center, though. Any fans who want to sit this one out obviously don’t know how to have fun. Fellow Canadian band Diana opens. Chris Riemenschneider


First Avenue Mainroom
701 1st Av. N.
Minneapolis, MN

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