John Hiatt & the Combo and Steve Earle

Price: $56

When: Ended 08/1/13

Where: Minnesota Zoo

It’s another inspiring double bill at the Minnesota Zoo, with two bona fide headliners: John Hiatt and Steve Earle. Both zoo regulars have new albums. Hiatt’s “Mystic Pinball,” released last September, is his usual well-balanced mix between thoughtful, homey and fun, with introspective ballads (“Blues Can’t Even Find Me”) and vibrant tunes (“You’re All the Reason I Need”). Over the years, Earle, a New York resident with an unmistakable Texas twang, has becoming increasingly deeper with his songs. With its rambling, roadhouse feel, “The Low Highway,” released in April, tells stories of Americans with dreams dashed and still alive, whether it’s the rumbling anti-Wal Mart screed “Burnin’ It Down,” the hopeful fiddle ditty “Love’s Gonna Blow My Way,” or the strikingly sentimental “Remember Me,” about an aging father talking to a young son. Jon Bream


Minnesota Zoo
13000 Zoo Blvd.
Apple Valley, MN

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