The Sexual Life of Savages

Price: $10 - $22

When: Ended 12/14/13

Where: Minneapolis Theater Garage

Walking Shadow Theatre Company wins the award for counter-programming the season. This new play by Ian MacAllister-McDonald tells the story of a guy who gets thrown when he discovers that his girlfriend is more sexually experienced than he thought. Rather than spirits of Christmas past, present or future showing up, the play is populated by swingers, posers and sexual explorers. Amy Rummenie directs the Walking Shadow cast, which includes Joe Bombard (“Reasons to Be Pretty”) in the main role. Graydon Royce

This is a rare miscue for Walking Shadow Theatre Company. Usually so surefooted and smart, the company chose this half-baked script about the extremes of sexual behavior. There is no real reason to recommend it.


Minneapolis Theater Garage
711 W. Franklin Av.
Minneapolis, MN

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