Events: Arena Bikini and Pundamonium!

Updated 5/1/2013

A neon-glam swimwear show and a pun-happy slam.

Arena Bikini: Neon Glam


Arena Bikini: Neon Glam

Bikini season may still be a long way off, but fortunately, Arena Dances will heat things up with its annual fundraiser. Arena Bikini pairs swimwear runway segments with energetic dance performances in an event that’s as entertaining as it is sexy. And it’s not just your average swimwear — the show includes custom-made suits by local designers Max Lohrbach, Marissa Bridges and Adrienne Yancy for both men and women, plus looks from shops such as Nani Nalu and martinpatrick3. This year’s event gets a neon twist, with neon-colored fashions, decor and even cocktails. There’s also a silent auction, cash bar, DJs Strangelove, Jezus Juice and Alex Berglund, and plenty of inspiration to get you working on your bikini body. (8 p.m. Fri. $35-$50. Calhoun Beach Club, 2925 Dean Pkwy., Mpls. Jahna Peloquin


Pundamonium! The Twin Cities Pun Slam

You know the old saying: A good pun is its own reword. That’s the idea behind Pundamonium!, a poetry-slam-style battle where wordy warriors will attempt to out-pun the competition. Twenty spunky contestants will be given a word or phrase and have 30 seconds to punctuate it with a pun, to the cheers and groans of audience members (five of whom will act as judges). The cheesy evening culminates in prizes, a pretty Gouda way to signal victory. The event is spunsored by the Loft Literary Center and hosted by local lit luminary Maggie Ryan Sandford. (8 p.m. Mon. $4-$6. Republic, 221 Cedar Av. S., Mpls.) Jay Boller