Deals: Killer combos

MICHAEL RIETMULDER | Updated 7/10/2013

These Twin Cities bars pair your drink with a little something extra.

The patio at Icehouse.
Photo by Carlos Gonzalez

Sometimes less is more, or so the saying goes. But isn’t “more” more fun? We think so, and so do some bar managers who tempt patrons with dollar-stretching drink packages. Leaving the pub with extra wallet cushioning is always a plus, but enjoying these killer combos is even more gratifying.


2528 Nicollet Av. S., Mpls. • 612-276-6523 •

This Eat Street bar/restaurant/music club loves its late-night deals. On Tuesdays Icehouse goes south of the border with its tequila and taco special. Between 10 p.m. and midnight, five bucks is good for (you guessed it) a taco and a tequila shot. If you can’t handle the sweet agave spirit on a weeknight, substitute a Pacifico for the shot.

Turf Club

1601 W. University Av., St. Paul • 651-647-0486 •

Midway’s favorite rock club isn’t big on gimmicks. Accordingly, the Turf offers a straightforward shot-and-a-beer special all day, every day for just $5. Cash in an Abraham Lincoln at the bar for an Old Style and the whiskey shot of the moment, ruggedly billed as a “cowboy special.”

Nomad World Pub

501 Cedar Av. S., Mpls. • 612-338-6424 •

This West Bank bar and live venue also parlays beer and booze for an alcoholic value-add. Tipplers can either take down a PBR and Jameson shot or a “Chicago Fire” — an Old Style and Fireball cinnamon whiskey — for $5 anytime. This hipster-preferred prix fixe long came with a throw-in cigarette, but we’re told a license change recently cut the bonus butt.