MSP film festival: All over the world

ERIK MCCLANAHAN | Updated 4/17/2013

With more than 200 movies, the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is the next best thing to a well-stamped passport.

"The Angels' Share" kicks off MSPIFF 2013.

The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is back. The annual cinematic smorgasbord — for which cinephiles and casual moviegoers flood St. Anthony Main in hopes of discovering an obscure gem from around the world or catching up with foreign-language Oscar contenders — runs April 11-28 with more than 200 films from 60-plus countries.

Kicking off the fest Thursday is “The Angels’ Share,” a pleasant cocktail of a movie with a bittersweet chaser from legendary British filmmaker Ken Loach. Halfway through the festivities, two centerpiece films will be screened: “Midnight’s Children” (April 18), an epic adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s prizewinning novel, and “Caesar Must Die” (April 20), about Italian prison inmates rehearsing a Shakespeare performance. It all ends on April 27 with “In a World …,” a movie by indie actress Lake Bell about voice-over artists.

The good folks at the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul have created various festival categories for those looking for specific types of films. The “Songs of Exile” program features 15 new independent documentary and narrative films that zero in on geographical, cultural or psychological displacement of people around the world. “More REEL” gets at that ever-changing and elusive line between truth and fiction, framed by two older Werner Herzog documentaries. There’s also the “Minnesota-Made” slate, and “Childish Films,” which gives families a chance to get in on the festival madness.

For those who wish to go beyond watching movies, there are countless opportunities to party, attend galas, hobnob with visiting celebrities and filmmakers, and enjoy panel discussions. For more information on everything MSPIFF, go to and

Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

What: More than 200 films from more than 60 countries.

When: April 11-28.

Where: St. Anthony Main Theatre, 115 SE. Main St., Mpls.

Tickets: $12 per screening. Six-packs $62; festival passes $275-$400.