The Helio Sequence

Updated 11/15/2012

Thursday: Sub Pop-signed psych-rockers bring the euphonic noise at Turf Club.

The Helio Sequence
Photo by Pavlina Summers


9 p.m. • Turf Club • $15

Complex and ambitious, the Helio Sequence aims its creative guns higher with each new album. On "Negotiations," the Oregon duo's recent fifth LP, the Dylan-gone-psych-rock template remains in place, but moments of emotive grander and euphonic beauty are often offset by a lingering sameness. Continued output from Sub Pop signees Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel, however, is always a welcome addition to the world of atmospheric indie rock. Opening is Portland, Ore.-based Ramona Falls, a newish project from recent Menomena expat Brent Knopf.JAY BOLLER


7 p.m. • Dakota Jazz Club • $15

Jewell's "Queen of the Minor Key" was the undiscovered Americana gem of 2011. The Boise-bred, Boston-based singer-songwriter mixes a little jazz, blues, rockabilly and surf-rock into an alluring old-school vibe. With her lonesome voice, Jewell suggests an older, darker Norah Jones who starts writing songs three whiskeys after midnight. JON BREAM


10:30 p.m. • Triple Rock • 18-plus • $10-$12

With a birth name as cool as Husky Gawenda, it's no wonder the Australian frontman went namesake with his indie-folk foursome. But that's not to slight the hair-tingling tenor's mates who make their debut album, "Forever So," a seductive ebb and flow of accented acoustic numbers and full-band folk splashes. Reportedly, the Rogue Wave and Noah and the Whale-akin quartet are the first dudes from Down Under to sign with Sub Pop, perhaps not counting the Feedtime reissues. The Rolling Stone "Band to Watch" is currently on its first headlining North American tour. MICHAEL RIETMULDER