Hale damage


Success is in the forecast for hard-rocking, female-led Halestorm.

A native of Red Lion, Pa., Hale said she wanted nothing else but to be a rock star since she started the band at age 13. Her chief bandmate was always her kid brother, Arejay Hale, who took over the drum kit their parents bought for Lzzy and is still playing behind her. Their dad even spent a few years as the band's bassist.

The Hale kids were so serious about making it that they enrolled in a private school with a flexible schedule so they could tour in their mid-teens.

"I just had total tunnel vision early on, and being in this band became my obsession," Hale said. "When I was a kid, I even always introduced myself as, 'Hi, I'm Lzzy from the band Halestorm,' before anybody had any idea who we were."

Asked if she has any regrets about missing out on a more normal childhood, she replied, "Absolutely not. I've gone my entire life trying not to lead a normal life."