A very Har Mar New Year

JAY BOLLER | Updated 1/3/2013

Har Mar Superstar, aka Baby New Year 2013, talks about playing New Year's Eve back home.

The traditional Baby New Year seemed a bit old hat, so we recruited amorous R&B favorite Har Mar Superstar to fill his diaper. The indie-rock socialite, who's currently based out of New York City, returns to his hometown for a New Year's Eve blowout at Triple Rock, featuring rapper Astronautalis. We caught up with Har Mar earlier this week to talk podcasting, diapers and New Year's Eve partying.

Q: Tell me about "Nocturnal Emotions," your newish podcast on the Earwolf network.

A: It's just sort of a chat show where I have interviews with people that I like, and talk about embarrassing moments in people's careers and lives. I've had Macaulay Culkin, Flea, Father John Misty, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, Ellen Page, just across the board. A lot of people go back to weird, early developmental and sexual experiences. One that got kinda dark and deep was the Flea episode. He really went for it, which I was kind of hoping for. That one was surprisingly intense.

Q: Was 2012 a good year for Har Mar?

A: Yeah, it was great, actually. I finished a new album, which I'm really proud of. I recorded it with Jim Eno from Spoon. I looked around for a label while I moved to New York, but I reunited with Julian Casablancas, an old friend, and he had just started a new label called Cult. So my album is coming out on Cult in March. I wrote it all on guitar instead of making beats, it's not electronic at all. It leans in the way of more depressive lyrics, but not woe-is-me. My favorite songs are ones that are over-the-top poppy, but if you listen there's something darker going on.

Q: Was our cover shoot your first time in a diaper?

A: [Laughs] No. I think pretty much every dumb situation you can put me in, I've been in.

Q: Do you have a New Year's message for your old hometown?

A: Keep it safe. Take cabs. Have an awesome time. I understand New Year's Eve can be anticlimactic as it gets to be midnight, so come to my show. That's my job the past 13 years -- I've been the guy working to make New Year's Eve the most fun time wherever I am. So come visit me, I'll make sure you have a good time for the first couple hours of 2013.