Tribute to 'The Last Waltz'

Updated 1/10/2013

Friday: It’s 1976 all over again at the Cabooze’s annual re-creation of the Band’s star-studded farewell show.

The real Last Waltz in 1976
Photo: MGM


9:30 p.m. Fri.-Sat. • The Cabooze • 18-plus • $12

While the Band only had one "Last Waltz," the Cabooze is staging its eighth annual tribute to the '70s concert/film. The cadre of Twin Cities all-stars includes: Dan Israel as Bob Dylan; Terry Walsh, slipping into familiar Irish soul shoes as Van Morrison; Big George Jackson, nicely cast as Muddy Waters; Pat "Lamont" Hayes, blowing harp à la Paul Butterfield; former Magnolias and Stingray Green guitarist Kent Militzer as Neil Young; and Ashleigh Still, channeling Joni Mitchell. And in a big role for a big talent, Dave Russ is your plus-size Levon Helm, one of roots-rock's most endearing artists, whom we lost in 2012.TOM SUROWICZ


10 p.m. • Triple Rock • 18-plus • $12-$14

Although not always (or ever) profound, these bratty punks were fairly prolific in their '90s heyday. Led by frontman Joe Queer and a revolving supporting cast, the Queers were a Lookout! Records staple alongside fellow pop-punks like the Groovie Ghoulies and a pre-major-label Green Day. Twenty years later, Queer and Co. continue to tour on their Ramones-channeling two-minute ditties about unyielding flatulence and teenage malaise. Italy's the Manges, three-chord trio Flamingo Nosebleed and local ska crew Rocksteady Breakfast open. MICHAEL RIETMULDER