Ice Music

Updated 3/6/2013

Monday: Norwegian composer/percussionist Terje Isungset brings instruments carved from ice to the Cedar.

Terje Isungset
Photo by Knut Bry

Ice Music

7:30 p.m. • Cedar Cultural Center • $20-$25

No one can accuse Norwegian composer/percussionist Terje Isungset of lacking innovation. In 1999, the jazz and traditional Scandinavian musician was commissioned to play a concert in a frozen waterfall, where he incorporated his surroundings — including the icy river — into the performance. The gig spawned Isungset’s Ice Music series, in which he performs on a variety of instruments carved from ice blocks before each show (ice melts, you know). Accompanied by singer Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Insungset wields myriad frozen percussion, horn and harp instruments during his chilling exhibitions. Michael Rietmulder

Mouse on Mars

8:30 p.m. • 7th Street Entry • 18-plus • $20

Opening with a gurgle of sound indicative of the group’s odd sampling and all-encompassing nature, Mouse on Mars’ 10th studio album, “Parastrophics,” is a disorienting trip through glitch and club noise. The almost two-decades-old German electronic duo of Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner started with more muted releases before unleashing their inner sonorous tendencies; recent efforts have even required the development of their own musical software. Mouse on Mars’ music isn’t meant for mulling. Rather, it moves so quickly and so comprehensively that you’ve just gotta let it wash over you. Dreamweapon opens. Spencer Doar


9 p.m. • Triple Rock • 18-plus • $10-$12

After meandering into indie fans’ ears seven years ago with their well-received “Anti-Anti” LP, these dreary college rockers finally have a follow-up album on the horizon. Due May 14 on past tourmates Kings of Leon’s label, the long-awaited “No One in Control” comes after a five-song precursor EP that dropped in 2010. All signs indicate frontman Jordan Jeffares is still glum and that the lethargic post-punk platform of Snowden’s Jade Tree Records debut is relatively intact. Locals Story of the Sea open. M.R.