4onthefloor has twice the 'Spirit'

CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER , Vita.mn | Updated 4/10/2013

The 4onthefloor hosts two release shows for “Spirit of Minneapolis.”

The 4onthefloor performed at South by Southwest.
Photo by Tony Nelson

‘There’s too much music in the world / Nothing we haven’t already heard.”

Gabriel Douglas slow-moans that complaint in “Enough,” the second song on the second full-length album by his Southern-styled roar-rock band the 4onthefloor — a band that Twin Cities music scenesters heard plenty of following its relatively fast ascent in 2011.

Howler frontman Jordan Gatesmith’s catty trash-talking of the 4otf crew last year likely had something to do with its overexposure locally. This is not a band that turns down many gigs. You know, the kind of band that loves what it does.

There’s not a lot that hasn’t been heard before on the new album, “Spirit of Minneapolis,” but there’s more than enough to still love. The band sticks to its nothing-fancy 4/4-time structure and snaky basement-boogie guitar riffs, but it reloads with stronger songwriting. Many of the tunes, including “Enough,” sound compellingly weary and unsettled — probably from all the hard touring and rowdy lifestyle the quartet has enjoyed/endured since 2011. This is not a band that turns down a beer, either.

The best of these slow-burners is “Fear, Hope, Green or Me,” a carry-on anthem with gospel-ish undertones. Local music lovers are also going to savor “Hard Rain,” with Charlie Parr spreading his own heavy gospel touch as a guest vocalist. There are a few hard-throttling, punky fire-starters, too, including the leadoff track “King of the Jungle.” The trite “Toast to the Land of 10,000” is a little too Vikings-tailgate-party, but it’s worth waiting through just to hear James Gould’s guitar work in the closing track, “Engine No. 4 Reprise.”

The 4onthefloor will host a live preview of the album for pre-order buyers Thursday at the Turf Club, and the release party is Saturday at First Avenue.

The 4onthefloor

Thursday: 9 p.m, with Erik Koskinen, Turf Club.

Saturday: 9 p.m., with the Evening Rig, Wishbook, and Trapper Schoepp & the Shades, First Avenue.

Tickets: $12-$14 Sat. Must buy $25 album premiere ticket, which includes the Sat. show, to attend Thu.