Summer Music and Movies

Updated 8/19/2013

MONDAY: Grant Cutler, Zoo Animal and Aby Wolf team up at Loring Park before "Pee Wee's Big Adventure." Plus: Ke$ha.

From left: Grant Cutler, Zoo Animal’s Holly Hansen and Aby Wolf

Zoo Animal, Aby Wolf and Grant Cutler with ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’

7 p.m. • Loring Park, 1382 Willow St., Mpls. • all ages • free

Grant Cutler loves collabing with local ladies, and he’s got a twofer in store for the season-capping installment of the Walker’s Summer Music & Movies. The former Lookbook audio ace will form new electro-pop act Weird Visions with Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal. He’ll then morph into Wolf Lords — the pulsing, ambient electronic project with singer Aby Wolf. In a press release, Cutler describes the 70-minute sonic three-way as an “experiment” with “two hyper-talented women and 1,000 ideas.” It’s all followed by a screening of “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,” Tim Burton’s sneakily high-minded 1985 full-length directorial debut. Jay Boller


Little Comets

8 p.m. • 7th Street Entry • 18-plus • $10

A few years ago, Little Comets were stuck in an unhealthy relationship. It sounds like neither the intricate Brit-poppers nor Columbia Records were getting what they needed and the label broke things off without releasing an album. But like a best friend freed from a possessive paramour, the crafty trio got cooler post-breakup. Their sophomore record, “Life Is Elsewhere,” arrived stateside this week as charmingly spindly (but not as rigid) as the songs that got them signed. This marks Little Comets’ first U.S. tour. General B and the Wiz open. Michael Rietmulder



6:30 p.m. • Myth • all ages • $55

Ke$ha is the musical equivalent of “Jersey Shore” only with a higher IQ, though she tries to let us believe otherwise. Crafty as a Nashville songwriter (which her mother is), she has recorded nine Top 10 pop tunes (including three infectious No. 1’s), published a trashy autobiography and starred in an MTV reality series about her slackerish, sleazy, salacious and successful life. In concert, she uses silly props, dancers dressed up like giant stuffed animals and irresistible dance beats to convince you that she is one crazy party animal. Semi Precious Weapons and Mike Posner open.Jon Bream