Q+A: Shieva Salehnia

Article by: Jahna Peloquin | October 12, 2012 - 12:59 PM

Age: 24. Neighborhood: Stevens Square, Mpls. Occupation: Writer, bakery girl, server, plays music in the Burglars.

Q: What's the idea behind C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies Are Powerful)?

A: C.L.A.P. is a zine that creates a space for women and women-friendlies to express themselves. However they do that -- photography, writing fiction or poetry, sharing their advice and personal experiences -- C.L.A.P. publishes it all.

Q: Who are three women that inspire you most?

A: Patti Smith, for her artistic dedication. My mother, for her sincere courage in life. Dolly Parton, because she's honest about herself. When I was a kid, my dad sang "Jolene" in the car and I fell in love with her.

Q: How did you learn to speak Farsi and Persian?

A: My parents are both from Iran, so they taught my sister and me when we were very young. I love the phrases and words in other languages that you can't quite translate. They're more of a feeling.

Q: What do you love about fall in Minnesota?

A: The trees in Minnesota are beautiful. Minneapolis still has a lot happening in the fall. It's a last hurrah before we all hibernate.

Q: Your boyfriend is Night Moves' John Pelant. What's it like to be a musician dating another musician?

A: We discuss our hair quite a bit, maybe more than most people do. I'm lucky to be dating someone who is talented, honest and can sympathize.

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