Work: Realtor Aaron Neumann

JAHNA PELOQUIN | Updated 9/12/2013

Mustachioed Realtor Aaron Neumann is a champion of northeast Minneapolis.

Aaron Neumann
Photo by Bre McGee

Age: 37.

Lives in: Northeast Minneapolis.

Occupation: Realtor.

Hire date: Metamorphosis Realty in spring 2013; was with Re/Max Results for two years prior.

Q: How did you get into the real estate business?

A: I landed a job with Congressman Keith Ellison after he was elected, and among my duties was handling casework regarding housing. I was inspired by helping people keep their homes and directly preventing homelessness, especially since it was right when the housing market started to crash. After that I worked as a community organizer in northeast Minneapolis and part of my job was to facilitate neighborhood-based loan programs. Between the two jobs and my love for Northeast, working in real estate felt like a natural fit and an excellent way to build community.

Q: What do you like most about being a Realtor? Any perks?

A: Yeah, there are lots of perks, such as seeing a slew of houses, from the almost-destroyed to posh condos. You become an expert on what’s happening in the market, so I’m fun to chat with at parties. What I like most is that moment when buyers get their keys at closing — a truly transformative event.

Q: Are there any work-related benefits to having a mustache?

A: Actually, just today I met some sewer pipe inspectors at a home, and these guys had some serious bushy old-man staches. We had an immediate connection.

Q: What’s the most memorable property you’ve worked with?

A: One is what I call the “Jax House,” built by the Kozlak family that started the iconic Jax Cafe in the ’20s. It’s a beautifully built home that sits behind Jax and has this amazing, ornate felt wallpaper in the dining room that blew my mind.

Q: What are your favorite Northeast hangs?

A: You can find me at Matchbox Coffee Shop most afternoons, sipping and chatting it up with people. I like it not only because it’s a collective, but also because it’s small enough that a lot of folks from the neighborhood stop through. Plus, artists hang out there and that always makes food for thought. In the evening, I tend to hang my hat at Grumpy’s, another fun, community-centric dispensary of beverages.